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Calgary Programs

Dryland Training (Sept – Nov)

Dryland programs focus on general fitness, core strength, flexibility, development and strengthening of snowboard specific muscle groups, agility and endurance. Athletes wanting to become serious competitors need to be fit and ready for the start of the season. Dryland training reduces the risk of injury while making snowboarding easier and safer, enabling athletes to reach their performance goals.

On Snow Training (November- March)

These are the pathways the Riders on Board Coaches have built, super simple you choose a Recreational or Competitive stream. We have a program for you!

  • Recreational Route
    Lil Shredders (age 8-12)—>Freestyle Basic (age 13-17)—>Freestyle Advanced (age 13-17)
  • Competitive Route (please contact the office as these programs are coach approved)
    Grom Competitive (age 8-12)—>Competitive (age 13+)—>Pushing For The Podium (age 13+)

On Snow Training – Competitive Programs

On Snow Training – Freestyle & Recreational

Riders On Board

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