Freestyle Advanced

Designed for the proficient snowboarder ages 13-17 (we split into groups based on age and skill level once on snow). This program will introduce the rider to more advanced snowboard training and provide encouragement to develop and progress freestyle snowboard skills. Riders registering for this program should already have a strong foundation on their board and should feel comfortable hitting ride-on boxes and rails, straight airing small jumps (5-10 feet) and basic grabs.

This program is designed for two types of riders:

A rider looking to take their snowboard skills to the next level and maybe one day enter a competition or move into our Competitive Programs.


A rider that has no interest in competing but wants a higher level of coaching and has a strong work ethic to progress their riding.

Trampoline Aerial Awareness sessions are mandatory and riders in this program are strongly encouraged to participate in the “off snow” General Fitness.

  • “On snow” program runs mid-November to mid-March and “off snow” program runs September to November
  • Two 3hr sessions
  • 6:1 Athlete to Coach Ratio
  • Sessions available Monday through Thursday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Includes Alberta Snowboarding Association recreational membership


  • 1 session 3 hrs per week $850
  • 2 sessions 6 hrs per week $1560
  • Club fee is $55

All programs are subject to 5% GST.
All programs are non-refundable – no exceptions including injuries.
Hill Pass not included.


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