Adam Brownlie

Favorite Snowboarder – Louif Paradis
How long you have been snowboarding – 18 years (guess I’m snowboard legal now)
Weird hobby – Changing into clean socks. I go through a minimum of 2 pairs a day. I also never ever wear snowboard socks twice without washing them. I own 20 pairs of snowboard socks and retire old ones regularly.
Favorite past time other than snowboarding – Golf.
Favorite snowboard trick – Frontside 3 stalefish, handplants, and frontboards
Why you got into coaching snowboarding – I got into coaching through my parents who are ski race and snowboard coaches for a club now called Westman Ski and Board. They encouraged me to get my instructors certification when I was 16 and I have been working in the industry ever since. Snowboarding has always been a family sport for me and I am lucky to be involved with a club now that reflects the same family atmosphere and values that I grew up with.
Favorite thing about riders – I enjoy watching athletes grow up and mentor the young kids in the club. Many of the coaches we have now used to train with Riders On Board. It’s great to see them giving back to the sport and continuing to enjoy snowboarding after stepping away from competition.