Bailey Kimmel

Favorite snowboarder – Tim Eddy, he may not be the most technical snowboarder out there, but he knows how to have fun on and off his snowboard.
How long you have been snowboarding – 10 years!
Weird hobby –  I love cooking and trying to find ways to make healthy food taste somewhat good.
Favorite past time other than snowboarding – Mountain Biking, River Surfing and the Guitar.
Favorite snowboard trick – Getting a faceshot in a field of powder. Or a backside rodeo.
Why you got into coaching snowboarding –  I grew up snowboarding with friends on weeknights at COP. They were the most fun and memorable nights of my childhood and i wanted to pass this experience onto other kids.
Favorite thing about Riders On Board – They provide kids a supportive environment to progress while still maintaining our main goal of having fun!